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Develop real-time apps easily.

Open source NodeJS framework for building servers for real-time applications and games. Easy to use, scale, distribute.

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rivalis overview

Why Rivalis?

Rivalis is lightweight framework for building real-time application servers, implemented using JavaScript and designed with primary focus on performance.

The goal of the framework is to be protocol agnostic, scalable, developer friendly and resource efficient.

Focus on your business logic, Rivalis will take care about everything else.

const { Server } = require('@rivalis/core')

const gameserver = new Server({
auth: new Auth(), // implement your own authorization flow
transports: [ new WebSocketTransport() ] // use one or multiple protocols


Protocol agnostic

Rivalis can work with one or multiple bidirectional network protocols at same time.

Good for games

Developing any type of multiplayer game server using Rivalis it's easy and fun.

Open Source

Rivalis is free to use and extend. Is licensed under the most permissive MIT License.