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Develop real-time games easily.

Start building your next app or game with Rivalis; Easy to use, extend, distribute and scale.

Getting Started
rivalis overview

Why Rivalis?

Build real-time applications and games in less time with less code due to the built-in UI and set of features essential in delivering your idea.

If development time is relevant to your project, consider using Rivalis.

npm i -g @rivalis/cli
rivalis init my-rivalis-project
cd ./my-rivalis-project
npm install
npm start


Protocol agnostic

Rivalis can work with one or multiple bidirectional network protocols at the same time.

Good for games

Developing any type of multiplayer game servers on top of Rivalis is easy and fun.

Open Source

Rivalis is free to use and extend. Licensed under the most permissive MIT License.