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Getting Started

  • The documentation is under construction!
  • If you are trying to setup a project using Rivalis and you have any problems, please visit GitHub repository, open an issue or start a discussion on GitHub.

Currently Rivalis is in the early-stage of development. Designed and primarly developed by Daniel Kalevski. The driving motive behind Rivalis is to simplify the development of real-time application servers and game servers using JavaScript.

Open-source & Contribution

Rivalis is an open-source project. The core project, as well as the documentation and any related tools can be found in the GitHub organization.

As it goes hand in hand with the open-source ecosystem, Rivalis is open to contributions.

The following GitHub repositories are open-source and contributions-friendly:

  • rivalis/rivalis - main repository of Rivalis, which contains the core of the project, utilities, rivalis console & rivalis registry.
  • rivalis/ - repository of the official website & the documentation.